Every Sunday morning @ 10:45am. Worship followed by good fellowship, tea, coffee and biscuits.


First Sunday evening @ 6:00pm communion service.


Second Sunday morning @ 10:45am 'Altogether Worship' Come along and hear the good news in a less formal service, with the emphasis being on sharing, participation and FUN!


Third Sunday morning @ 10:45am worship to include communion.


We would love to see you at any of our services, and you can be assured of a warm welcome.







Drop in and Do!


We meet at Church on the first Saturday of every month from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Between us we have a range of craft skills and within drop in and do we aim to share those talents and help others to learn about new activities.


The time on Saturday morning is also one of great fellowship and laughter.

The craft items we make can be sold for church funds or to raise money for a special project. Anyone is welcome to come and join us, perhaps try out a new craft or just enjoy a cuppa and a chat. £2 a session + material costs


                                                                   2017 Programme:

February 4th. Crochet Workshop.

March 4th. Jewellery craft - make a bracelet.

April 1st. Easter craft &spring coffee morning.

May 6th. Make a scarf.

June 3rd. Card making (maybe for fathers and uncles)

July 1st. Knit a menagerie.

August 5th. Glass painting.

September 2nd. Bag making and fabric painting.

October 7th. Christmas decorations.

November 4th. Cards and calenders.

Dec 2nd Advent Fair.








The group meet on Tuesday evenings from around 7:30pm at the manse. We share food, fellowship, bible study & prayer, using a wide range of media & material. The group is very informal & anyone is welcome to join in. There will be a 7 week a study of Revelation 4-22 The Lamb Wins! Christs Final Victory commencing on January 31st.

Saddleworth House Group

The Monday house group continues to meet at the home of Colin & Barbara Heywood. At present we are covering a series looking at prayers of the Bible.


The evening always ends with prayer & refreshments.


By regularly meeting together we seek to strengthen our relationships with each other and God  All are welcome to join us. Contact minister for details.

Prayer breakfast


The prayer breakfast takes place on the third Saturday of the month, we meet at the church at 9:00am. A time of prayer and fellowship is followed by tea, coffee, cereals and bacon butties. All are welcome, come for a brew, a butty and a chat with God.

Walking Group


The little group of walkers has continued to be active throughout the year and have enjoyed the pleasures of the countryside. Every Monday except for Bank Holidays when the buses aren’t as frequent, we set out and find something interesting to see. If the weather is not good we visit an art gallery or museum.

The walkers have even gone over the border to Yorkshire, on the bus and went to visit the Media Museum in Bradford on a windy and miserable day.


It’s amazing what a lot of lovely countryside there is around Oldham, we nearly always see something new on our walks. Many times the planned walk has been changed perhaps because of the weather or because of an interesting sight. For example Stockport was the intended destination, as it was wet and cold, but as we went past the road to Werneth Low the weather improved and we set off up the path.

As you can see we have enjoyable outings with the walking group and anyone wishing to join us will be most welcome.

Welcome Project


This project began in December 2005 and has run every Thursday week in and week out ever since (apart from Christmas Day & New Year’s Day). We do it in partnership with Oldham Unity and the Red Cross and volunteers come from different churches, different faiths or from no faith background at all but we’re all there to serve destitute asylum seekers: human beings who find themselves without government help but in need of emergency support especially in the form of food parcels.    These friends are predominantly from African nations but also come from other trouble spots such as Iran and Syria. They arrive as strangers but we soon come to regard them as friends. Some have a reasonable command of English; for others it is limited to an odd word – but smiles, handshakes and cups of tea are universal! The weekly number of those eligible to receive food parcels can be between 45 and 60 although it has been as high as 75. Other friends, who may have already gained refugee status or who are at a different place in the appeals system, come along too to socialise and the buzz of different languages around the building is a joy to hear.


Resourcing the food parcels (cost between £550 and £920 per month)  which contain basic items such as oil, pasta, sugar, eggs, tinned tomatoes, biscuits, orange juice, rice & lentils is the responsibility of Oldham Unity and donations to buy these items come mainly from churches and individuals. In addition Fareshare gives fresh food in the form of bread, fruit and vegetables as well as other sundry food items. Each week some Muslim friends provide a hot curry which feeds 60 – 80 people.


The OBC part is the hospitality side. In the kitchen the team might serve up to 100 people a week. There is no church budget for this outreach so everything has to be donated and we are immensely grateful for those who provide regularly and sacrificially on a weekly basis – but also to those who give biscuits, crisps, coffee, teabags, cakes, fruit juice and money on a more occasional basis. It’s all needed. We also have some regular donations of home-made cake which is very popular and has to be rationed!


Sometimes a decision is made that the fresh Fareshare food would be better used immediately and so two of the team work together to invent a new Oldham dish! It’s all exciting and challenging stuff but helps to feed some very hungry people.The whole venture on Thursdays is a team effort – from the OBC kitchen team, the crèche workers and those who give and sort clothes & household goods to the Red Cross. The latter group bring a team of six or more people who have expertise in languages, in checking ‘first-timers’, in dealing with case work documentation, in tracing family members and in helping those who have acquired status. Indeed it has been a delight to watch one of our early asylum seekers, who has since gained Indefinite Leave to Remain, now working as a confident Red Cross volunteer.


An unheralded part of the Welcome Project is the provision of Bibles in an assortment of languages and incredibly since 2005 we have given away nearly 1,500! Sometimes on a Thursday our friends arrive at church very early but it is humbling to see some of them sitting in our circulation area avidly reading a Bible in their own language. These people are hungry spiritually as well as physically.


Our Welcome Project undoubtedly meets an immense need in Oldham and beyond. Its reputation has spread enormously and we know it is appreciated. This is currently OBC’s main outreach activity and it is felt to be a privilege to serve God in this way.